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Flair for Genius
Please visit www.flairforgenius.com

Blair Tindall’s story will inspire you to change your life. A high-profile musician, Blair uncovered hidden aptitudes to find her unique genius – earning a full fellowship to Stanford University in journalism, writing a bestselling memoir, and consulting with individuals and organizations on creativity and nonprofit policy.

Now a triple threat as author, musician, and television personality, Blair’s Flair for Genius program uses her revolutionary APT Approach to guide your mission. A guest expert on CNN and Fox News who has delighted audiences at Harvard and Stanford universities, Blair shows clients how to apply their talents, interests and aptitudes to virtually any job – or package their unique profile for a satisfying career change.

Blair’s key audiences include:

• Students

• Career changers

• Corporate employees

(310) 663-8016

Availability: Los Angeles, Nationwide, International