Blair Tindall

Selected Works

Parallel careers
Sexual harassment
Musicians n' Drugs
Oliver Sacks interview
The Song Lines
Wonderful instruments
Amateurs fiddle around
Killer weed!
Orchestra bosses' $$$
Women conductors
Stage fright drugs
Girls gone wild
Buy yourself an opera
Dubya's nuking your hometown
Fast trains v. air shuttles
California tidepools
Psychedelic Palo Alto
What crawls into 24-hour Fitness at 3 a.m.?

"Mozart in the Jungle is funny, startling, heartbreaking, informative, and utterly absorbing. Blair Tindall writes like an angel."
--Lee Smith, author, "The Last Girls"

Los Angeles Times
Successful musicians pursue passions in alternate careers -- staying fresh and blasting through the recession.

Des Moines Register
Universities must set policies for handling sexual harassment

Sydney Morning Herald
How much are classical musicians really using drugs and alcohol?

Los Angeles Times
Oliver Sacks interview

Financial Times
Music of the soul

Los Angeles Times
World music at UCLA

Los Angeles Times
Amateur chamber musicians fiddle around in SoCal

Los Angeles Times
California's killer weed makes glorious sounds

New York Times
Ballet and modern dancers rely on healthy, holistic health practices

New York Times
Among the 18 American orchestras with 52-week contracts, at least 7 pay their music directors more than $1 million, and 3 pay their managers more than $700,000.

New York Times
Are women conductors hitting a glass ceiling? Or preparing to break into the top-tier orchestras?

New York Times
Prescription heart medication also calms stage fright.

New York Times
The last night of live music on Broadway, on the eve of the 2003 musicians' strike.

New York Times
American musicians relax at a Korean bathhouse in Tokyo.

New York Times
The cost of commissioning a work of music, from one-minute solo to full-length opera.

Ordinary Americans affected by environmental policies of the Bush administration

A great race between the northeast's high-speed rail and air shuttles.

The edge of land and sea is a riot of life, where humans can wreck what crashing waves cannot in the tidepools that inspired John Steinbeck's greatest work.

Yoga Journal
A musician confronts her stage fright the natural way...with absolute terror!

Palo Alto Weekly
Silicon Valley locals recall their long, strange trip through the '60s

San Francisco Examiner
What crawls into 24-hour Fitness Gym all night long?

Photo by Christian Steiner

Image from "Mozart in the Jungle." Photo by Blair Tindall


**"Blair Tindall blows the lid off the world of classical music in this book that transcends the genre of memoir. While an intensely personal and revealing story, Mozart in the Jungle is also fine investigative journalism, with an abiding sense of history. It's a remarkable multi-layered work of non-fiction. She entered the sacred temple of classical music--for so long
shrouded in mystery, off-limits to critical examination--emerged with this tale of a non-profit "industry" bent on self destruction, conductors feeding at the trough of excess, both monetary and sexual. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the arts in America."
--Dale Maharidge, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "And Their Children After Them."